Issues in Health Ethics Series

Schedule & Telehealth Registration October 2017 - June 2018

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Oct 13         Charlie Gard in the Media: Lessons for Medical Ethics?
        Gary Goldsand         Online registration          Slideshow          Handout          N/A
Jan 26         "Hi-Tech" Success and "Low-Tech" Failure in NICU  - A Matter of Ethics
        Paul Byrne and Brendan Leier
        Online registration                              
Mar 23         Health Ethics in a Pluralistic Age: The Role of Bias and Belief
        Lester Liao
        Online registration                              
Apr 27         Plunder From Down Under or Fair Play? Contract Pregnancy and Medical Tourism in Canada
        Nikoo Najand
        Online registration                              
Jun 22         TBA         Wendy Austin
        Online registration